commissioned for the ICC Biennale '97 InterCommunication Center, Tokyo

video clip

A room with a large projection on one wall, within which a shifting world of images and speaking characters are seen and heard. In front of it stands a life-size anatomical model of a human torso, in which the spine in revealed. The torso is "sensitive" to visitors. Along the spine, small sensors are embedded, sensitive even to a close-by hand. Transformations of video and 3d computer-generated objects take place in time, and touching or stroking the figure evokes complex interrelations among the visual media. While the work uses the technologies of Virtual Reality, it does not attempt to create the illusion of reality or to form a story. It is Brechtian VR - distant and nervous, edging toward a dislocation of the ordinary. -kf 1997

"Feingold has built another universe of forms, where once again the body, the surrogate body of a medical doll, allows one to configure the order of events. A hallucinary narrative that is both inside and outside the body, where body parts become ventriloquist dolls in a cyberspace that veers over the rooftops and the sky, or is blinded by the harsh raster of video snow. Here are the avatars of our newly disembodied existence, surreal, absurd, computerized, and even threatening. A place of ambiguous fascination - seeing ourselves reflected through this magic window that opens onto an abyss of charmed monstrosities that are all our progeny." - catalog of the ICC Biennale

exhibition history:
NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo; "ICC Biennale 97", 1997
Center for Art and Media | ZKM, Karlsruhe, "surroGate"; 1998
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul; "Visual Extension - Fantasy and Reality" 1998-1999
Postmasters Gallery, New York; solo exhibition, 1999
Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, "Unter der Haut/ Under the Skin", 2001
ACE Gallery, Los Angeles, 2005 - 2006

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